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Lunar Mare: Your Worries Hidden in the Lunar Mare

You may have immersed your worries in the bottom of the lunar mare.

The darkness, hidden from everyone, disappears about 380,000 kilometers away from the Earth.

You scream on the empty moon:

“No need to worry!”

“I won’t trouble anyone!”

Yet you are lost on the moon.

The night on the moon is so cold without the sunlight.

You do not know if you can survive until the morning.

Earth is far away.

Your shouts get swallowed up by the vast universe…

The moment you feel it is all over,

Just look up for a second.

Countless stars are watching you.

I can hear you, your voice.

Your worries are scooped out gently from the Luna Mare.

In this world, some people will surely help you.

You are not alone,

The stars will guide you to the Earth.


It’s never easy to ask for help from someone.

You might not have the “endurance of the heart” to ask for help because you’ve struggled a lot. Also, sometimes you desperately suppress your feelings, not wanting to burden or worry anyone else.

“A suffocating, trapped feeling like there’s no escape.”

You want someone to help you, but you feel like no one will.

It makes you want to give up, thinking this is your fate.

When you feel lonely, you feel like there’s no one else in the universe.

Like no one would see your true self or understand you.

But, you know, more people care about you than you think.

There are also mental health professionals who can help you solve your worries.

When you feel lonely, everything becomes unclear.

Then, what can you do?

How can you seek light in the darkness?

In a hopeless situation, how can you ask for help?

Simply say, “I can’t do this anymore. Please help” to someone you trust.

Those who wouldn’t listen to you seriously are just not the stars that could guide you.

There could be a time when your family or trusted friends are shocked and turn a blind eye to what you’re going through. Because they care about you, they don’t want to believe what’s happening.

But the pain you’re feeling is real.

Don’t give up. Keep seeking help. Find the star that can save you.

There’s no need to explain everything, like what’s wrong or what happened.

I know how hard it is to say that one word.

But I also know you can do it.

Try calling a crisis hotline, contacting a nearby mental health clinic, and telling your family and friends that you’re in a crisis now.

Don’t suffer alone.

It hurts me to imagine you crying at night.

Asking for help doesn’t make you weak.

Rather, it’s a “strength.”

There’s nothing more precious than your existence in this world.

And you’re honest and strong for cherishing it.

Become your superhero.

Fly with the stars back to Earth.

Written by Luna

Translated by Kyoko Itagaki

Edited by Emiru Okada

Graphics by Ren Ono


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