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  • Kokoha


I never considered my being a privilege. My existence, my life, my form. It is a given, something that I was born with.

The truth is — my existence as a human is a privilege. It is not a given nor a human right. 

My able body, the one I use to go to dinner with my friends, the one that carries all my weight is an extreme privilege. I can touch, see, and hear my loved ones. I have never once had to question how their skin felt against mine. 

The way I present myself, a feminine cis-gendered woman, is a luxury that many do not have. I do not have to fear my presentation. My looks. 

My background, my form in a wealthy family are the same. I stand in a school every day, in a freshly washed uniform, with people around me who look like me. I have the luxury of shopping after school, coming home to a house, and going to sleep with a full stomach. Nobody tells me I am unfit or odd. I can merely belong to every living second. 

As much as I pride myself on my boldness, I stand in a crowd, and I am unnoticeable. 

To go unnoticeable in a crowd is a privilege.

Written by Koko

Edited by Emiru Okada

Graphics by Maya Kubota


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