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  • Nagisa Mizushima

Early 2020

The feeling of being stared at is nothing new to me. However, since the pandemic started, the ordinary looks I’ve been getting from people suddenly turned into looks of fear and hate. Thoughts and stories of alienation provoked by people who think that everyone with my likeness, is dangerous. In a world fueled by fear and hatred towards people with differences, my problem remains insignificant in size. It’s but another step away from peaceful coexistence.

About Nagisa Mizushima

Nagisa Mizushima is a Japanese multimedia artist who lives in Los Angeles, CA. She grew up in the Japanese countryside and moved to America to pursue her studies in Fine Art. Her work is mainly focused on feminism and social issues that are loosely based on her personal experiences and observations.

Get in touch with Nagisa

Instagram @nmiz_art


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