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A Letter to Humanity 

Dear humanity, 

I’m aware that this letter is somewhat strange for I’m not quite sure who exactly I’m addressing or what humanity is at this moment; rightfully so, you don’t know who I am either. But what I do know is that I’m writing this letter with an aching heart. A heart that’s wondering if we’ve lost morality, compassion, and respect and if we’re really the same since October of 2023. 

I feel helpless, scared, disappointed, guilty, confused, and, sadly, hopeless. I see the efforts put in by thousands of people to make the voices of those silenced heard, but I'm also witnessing the outcome of those efforts—more losses than victories. The ones expected to protect are knowingly and consciously making decisions for their personal advantage. Think about it, does that make you feel protected and safe? I know it's rather the opposite for me.

I feel disheartened by the so-called social justice advocates. Not a while ago, you’ve been signing petitions, contacting your elected officials, raising awareness of innumerable civil and world issues, attending protests, and, not to mention, reprimanding those who weren’t speaking up. Where are your voices now? I haven’t seen or heard anything from you. How’s now different from other times? Does this not call for a social justice act? Isn’t it crucial to step up and call for a ceasefire, an end to genocide, and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians who’ve suffered way before this year?

If your heart or gut feels a sense of frivolity or nothing towards the videos shown on multiple platforms, then I'm lost for words. The facts are all out. We're watching it all happen in real-time, and if you take the time to research from unbiased sources, you'll get insight into the matter. I understand it can be uncomfortable to steer away from the information you’re familiar with, but is that something you can go to bed with, not have to think about it, and sleep soundly?

I know earlier I mentioned my sense of hopelessness, but I remain faithful and optimistic that at the end of this, the truth will prevail. And I hope that humanity lives up to its values because, quite frankly, what's happening right now is atrociously sickening.  


A citizen on Earth

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