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  • Yuna Suzuki

person to person

We live in the same world at the same time.

Race, sex, feminism, gender, etc.

We are surrounded by various “differences” that shape discrimination and denials.

It is easy to deny someone,

But everyone feels sad when someone or something they hold dear is denied.

We wonder why we have to be hurt by someone who does not know us well.

Do we really have to point out our differences and deny each other?

Denial or discrimination, nothing good comes out of negativity.

It is not fun at all.

There is a Japanese saying called, “Jyunin Toiro.”

This means that people have various preferences, perspectives, and opinions.

I think every Japanese person has heard of it.

“I like this but yours is good, too!”

If we can enjoy our differences like that,

then the world will become more relaxed and gentle.

We might not be able to change the world,

But we can start with what is around us.

It can be as small as liking Worcester sauce and soy sauce but appreciating those who prefer ketchup (LOL).

Something like that might move the world slightly in a fun direction.

If people keep denying things, there will be more they do not know.

And they will lose their sense of excitement.

It is okay to keep our “differences.”

I hope people have the ability to imagine and care for others:

“In any situation, know that you could have gone through what I am going through, and vice versa.”

I want us to talk, person to person.  

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Instagram: @yuna___suzuki

Translated by Mutsumi Ogaki

Edited by Emiru Okada

Graphics by Maya Kubota


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