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  • Meg Hoffmann

虹色 (Nijiiro) Zine - the voices of queer Japanese artists, activists, and individuals.

Created by Yuri Sakakibara, 虹色 (Nijiiro) Zine is a 'collection of conversational interviews featuring the voices of queer Japanese artists, activists, and individuals.'

"I had the idea to start this project one day when I was thinking about how I would like to read more content about people who share similar experiences and backgrounds as me.

I started around September 2019 with the early researching phase, and finished printing the zine in October 2020. I had no idea what it would become when I first started out, but I knew that it would be worthwhile and that I had the ability to make it happen, and that was enough for me to keep going. What I ended up with is exactly what I was hoping for in the beginning— a better understanding of the lives of just some Japanese queer people out there, and how they themselves are paving the way to define their own personal identities and experiences. I have also gained a newfound sense of community not only with other Japanese queer individuals, but also with a larger Asian queer presence over the Internet and social media. A very vital part of this zine was how open the interviewees were to share their stories. Everyone was so patient and considerate, and many expressed that they just hoped that their stories would reach anyone who it would help in any way."

– Yuri Sakakibara

The zine touches on various issues including 'acceptance from family, Japanese American incarceration during WWII, chosen family and community gathering spaces/queer affirming spaces, the role of tradition and how it sometimes displays queerness that was normalized in the past, as well as how it has in some ways retained strict gender roles in the past and present and much more.'

100% of the proceeds will be going to grassroots Black trans organizations. To purchase or learn more about Nijiiro Zine, please check out:

Connect with Yuri

Instagram @nopenotyuri


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