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Brakes to Move Forward

Hit the brakes and finally get back

The precious piece of the psyche

Psyche is the ancient Greek word for heart or soul.

“Mental” “Spirit” “Mind”

Perhaps the reason we find these topics difficult to understand and sensitive is because we don't know what they are?

Do you really think the mind exists?

I can't give you an answer, but if you think about it this way, you might get a little idea of ​​what the mind is like. It’s easy to understand if you think of the mind as a “bridge” that connects the brain, which is your foundation, with experiences that occur outside the body.

Of course, our physical and cognitive functions are mainly controlled by an organ called the brain.

But at the same time, external experiences influence how our bodies and cognitive functions work. Therefore, the mind can be seen as the link between the brain and the outside world.

To make it easier to understand, let's compare the brain to a "car" and the mind to a "driver. " If you have peace in your mind, you can drive your car safely. However, if a strong wind blows from the side, the driver will find it difficult to drive, and the car may shake. The wind (external environment) affects the driver (mind) and disrupts the movement of the car (brain). Also, if one driving abusively causes an accident, it affects other drivers on the road. The movement of one person's mind affects the heart and brains of other people through changes in the external environment, such as accidents.

We always expect the car to move forward. I believe that even when we face difficulties, we must move forward. Many people think that they have to move forward even if it’s painful to live.

It may be said that mental illness is the result of us moving forward. It's a situation where you're trying to move forward, but you're not driving normally. The mind perceives the situation and appeals to the brain, which controls the internal workings of the body. It also appeals its anomalies and errors to the external environment, such as other people.

We often hear that the mind and body are connected. For example, if you’re stressed at work or school, you may develop hives on your body. This is a sign from the mind. My mind is telling me to take a break and find a way to adapt to the current situation and environment.

If you drive a car called your brain with an unstable mind, your mind won’t be able to find contact points with the outside. As a result, you’ll be confused and adversely affected in various aspects.

It is crucial to stop once before this happens. Once you've built a solid foundation and restarted, you'll be able to connect the inside and outside of your body, making it easier to drive. Getting to your destination is easier once you have the skills to drive in any environment.

It’s impossible to rush while ignoring the environment. In a typhoon, you probably wouldn't go outside, knowing the danger. And it's dangerous to keep running, knowing that your mind isn't working.

If necessary, the mind should stop and check on its own what’s happening.

In order to steadily move forward , we must cherish our psyche (mind) like our body. Because the psyche plays a very important role, even if it’s invisible.

If you want to move toward your destination, sometimes you can step on the brakes and rest your mind. Maybe in this way, we can restore the broken pieces of our minds.

Translated by Rio Shioda

Edited by Emiru Okada

Graphic by Ren Ono


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