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  • Eri Maeda

Body Positive Ceramic

Hello, Blossom the Media, I am Eri, a ceramist based in Paris, originally from Japan. My brand name is eroeri, and the theme is “EMBRACE WOMEN BODY SHAPE."

I am a feminist artist, reaching out to all women to feel positive about their bodies.

We are controlled by “Beauty” standards that society created.

Instead of being pressured by it, we can have our own definition of what “beauty” is.

Each ceramic piece has a unique shape and color, as we are all different.

Handcrafting ceramic with every skin tone and body type.

After producing ceramic pieces, I photograph them with people, so I can directly tell the world that all bodies are different and that all bodies are beautiful.

I am attaching some of my works;

Please let me know if you need anything!

Thank you,


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Edited by Emiru Okada


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